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I was 12 when my history teacher explains to my mother the bad manner I had to draw during her whole courses...so there was the deal :
evening courses at the school of fine arts of St Etienne against the promise to stop my untimely scrawls . Before18 , I achieved my firsts nudes, still life and landscapes water colour paintings. I improved the technique and its classics. The director of the School was not aware, I was a clandestine student and I have to hide when she was moving around. Here's the little story !    Then a sort of classical and logical following afterwoods, my A level and a business school. Nothing to see with the beginning. I enterred active life at 20, a few boring employement contracts... I've lived with Sharp and Xerox the raise of the color copy machine such as online digital !
A stillborn marriage in 1998. The creation of an engeeniring company, big fights with all sort of administration clerks...and that's when I first understand why I don't like banks. We work for railways, Aerospace industry, and so on...! The smell of paint is so far...not the engine oïl of the machines ! The metal workers aren't very cool ! Steal is hard, heavy, cold and sharp...it injures my hands. I don't understand much in bolting, so I learn... 6 long years to set up an industrial building, all sort of quality and traceability procédures...I also create an independant audit cell...I bring my daughter into the world, I give lessons at the chamber of commerce of Saone et Loire. I am an efficient field woman, a she-wolf mother, an organized wife who moves forward with the feeling of missing her life. I'm only going to be somebody's wife... I restart painting, in the evening and during the week-ends, just like that, on some furnitures, it makes me feel better and my home is nicer ! Then stop ! I have enough, I feel like my box is to small, the sides are coming closer and closer and that I can't move my self anymore... I'm bored, I have nothing else to prove and I just want to find myself again ! So I take my 3 years old daughter and paintbrushes, I left the luxury cars in the garage, I load an old van with some créations of mine...I leave everything and I leave ! In august 2004, I open a home staging and relooking shop, I sell furnitures to eat and pay the rent...it appeals, I sell ! I buy brand new brushes, real and well gliding ones, a little bit expensive but well gliding, some canvas, some paint...and her we go again...I'm all patched up but I'm consistenly standing with harmony. People are buying my paintings and that make me feel happy ! I ain't have time to be bored, i have nothing to regret, I have learn to pay the price without spoiling myself !

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